Xixi Edelsbrunner

Queer Spa Network

(QSN) is a group of autonomous Queer artists and healers invested in rest, healing, and pleasure for our communities. We are brought together to exchange knowledge and collaborate on projects that build empathetic communal relationships with our body, the land and waters, and one another. Queer Spa Network meets on a monthly basis to: discuss topics centered around care, disability, bathing; organize regular bathing outings; and discuss potential public projects. Our core members are Andy Cao, Ashle Fauvre, Carol Zou, Leo Alas, Lindsey Morris, Mel Liu, and Xixi Edelsbrunner.

UPCOMING: Transforming Community Care Spa Kit Making Workshop, 2024

Date and Time: Sunday, June 2, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Location: Almansor Park (Alhambra)

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In this workshop, we will guide participants through discussions and practices on inclusive self-care, including making customized bath salts, scrubs, and body oils and self-massage techniques.

Participants will also be led through mindfulness and grounding exercises for self-reflection. All are welcome, supplies will be provided, and no experience needed.

This workshop is open to all members of the public. Members of the AANHPI LGBTQIA2-s community are especially encouraged to sign up. Participants must sign up as there are a limited number of spots.

Community Care in Times of Drought, 2023

is a three-part project supported by Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) and The Andy Warhol Foundation.

Heal Hear Here

An event put on by LA Freewaves at LA Historic Park featuring music, processions, movement, sound, and workshops by 30 artist groups.

Queer Spa Network invited participants to make body oils, bath teas, and eucalyptus hangers—to take home and for mutual aid.

Sweating Vessels, Dry City

A pop-up exhibition at Coaxial Arts consisting of an installation, zines, and a body-oil making activity.

Pop-Up Spa

A series of 2 care days for tenants in Chinatown, including hired masseuses, self-massage tools, and self-care gifts.

Spa Residencies for Frontline Workers, 2021

Spa Embassy and the Queer Spa Network held a raffle featuring items from Bulan Apothecary, Earthy Corazon, Moon Jar Design, Belly’s Bath, and Visitor Welcome Center. The seed money for the raffle came from Civic Wellbeing Partners. Raffle results supported 5 frontline workers from food service industries in receiving wellness services. We worked with the Black Trans and Queer Collective and Bob’s Market to identify frontline workers that received a spa service valued up to $150, as well as $100 to offset transportation, food, and childcare.