Xixi Edelsbrunner



The RSVP form has a space for access needs.

Xixi Edelsbrunner | xedelsbrunner@gmail.com | (919) 259 1644


There are no braille labels at this location, as far as we have found. We have not hired language interpretation nor ASL interpretation. ASL interpretation can be coordinated through the county with enough lead time, but language interpretation is not possible, as this program is in its pilot phase. Paper handouts and signage will only be available in English.


There is a parking lot on site with four disabled person parking spots. None of the spots are labeled as van-accessible, but there are blocked-off spaces beside each spot for loading/unloading. There is a paved path around the parking lot.


There is about 150 feet of grass between the parking lot and the workshop area. The workshop area is completely outdoors and covered by a roof. It is paved and flush with the surrounding grass (no steps or curbs). The workshop will be at 3 picnic tables. There are trash cans and a water fountain in this area.


There are multi-stall, gendered restrooms immediately next to the parking lot. They are connected by a paved path. There are two single-use, non-gendered restrooms about 150 feet across grass from the workshop area.


The workshop will take place entirely outdoors. It will involve scented products, such as dried plants, infused oils, and essential oils.

Participants will not be required to wear facemasks. We will provide N95, KN95, or KF94 masks.